Overturning the Heavens chapter 276

Chapter 276 “High-Profile Bai House (!)”

“Miss Bai Yan, I know I did a lot of wrong things that day and have reflected upon them at the Poison Valley. If not for you and his lordship, I wouldn’t have had a chance of getting a new lease on life. For that, I thank you.”

There was no arrogance nor grace to be found, only calm and indifference like she’s seen through her life. Towards this drastic change in personality, Bai Yan can truly feel the change in the queen and not some sort of act.

“This time I came back just to expose Bai Ruo’s true face and the things she had done. Now that my goal is complete, its time I left too.”

Towards this genuine attitude, Bai Yan had no reason to mock the woman. Showing a mild smile, she replied in earnest: “It’s good that you can come to terms with this. As for Bai Ruo, my subordinates will make sure she wish she was dead instead being alive.”

“If so then that’s good.”

Towards Bai Ruo, how can Ning Dai not hate her?

She was earnestly good to the girl, treated her like a real daughter. In the end, what she got in return was heartless ruthlessness!

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Aside from exposing Bai Ruo today, Ning Dai also wanted to relish in the pain of Bai Ruo suffering afterwards. However, now that the girl had fallen into Bai Yan’s hand, she knew what awaited in the future will be a fate worse than death.

At the very least it’s far worse then what the king can dish out with the death penalty!

Just like that, Ning Dai had left the palace. Not giving anyone to stop her, not her son, not her husband, no one. It’s as if the palace and all those who occupies it was never part of her life nor was it her home.

“Bai Yan…” Nangong Yi showed regret, pain, and apology in his eyes as he faced that enchanting face.

But more than those emotions, there’s jealousy in his heart. He was jealous of Di Cang being able to be with that woman that was once supposed to be his. It’s piercing to his eye that it hurts.

It should’ve been mine! Bai Yan should’ve been mine. That mesmerizing face, that near perfect body and her son should’ve been all mine!

Ignoring whatever was on the prince’s mind, Bai Yan never once returned that heated gaze. Instead, she only came before the old dowager to help support the granny.

“Did the scene give you a scare just now?”

Replying with a shake of her head, the dowager only felt the need to pat Bai Yan’s hand: “Child, you’ve finally reached the brightness at the end of the tunnel. I can now be relieved that I didn’t fail your mother’s trust in me.”

Pursing her lips at the mention of Lanyue, Bai Yan could not bring herself to say more. Emotions were a difficult thing to say and she was no different in this respect.

“Child, can you come with me, I have something to give you.”


Though she and the dowager had but a few actual meetings in reality, even so, her closeness to this old queen was no less than her bond with the Lan family…. This strange connection was something Bai Yan can’t quite understand, nevertheless it doesn’t hinder her understanding that the affections were true and genuine.

In response to Bai Yan departing first and leaving him behind, Di Cang didn’t get angry nor did he force his way to tag along; instead, he turns his focus over to Nangong Yi (crown prince). “Bring him away for me!”

“Yes, your lordship.” Two of the soldiers readily complied with the man’s order.

“Lord Cang,” the king was shocked, “this is Bai Ruo’s fault, my son did no wrong. You…”

Before that sentence could finish, Di Cang’s gloomy and threatening gaze had already swept over to shut him up.

“His biggest mistake is trying to eye my wife!”

Retracting his devilish gaze from the prince, Di Cang was overbearing and unyielding, “Whoever dares to plead for Nangong Yi will face the same punishment as him!”

Frightened silly by the statement, not even Nangong Yuan himself could  say more. He may be the king, but in front of this dangerous man who could literally destroy his kingdom, the choice was obvious.

This reaction didn’t only apply to the mortal commoners, even those from the Demon Beast Sect had to take a step backwards under that powerful aura. It was suffocating just being close to this figure.

How can there be such a terrifying person in this world, Elder Thunder instinctively wipes his forehead despite there being no sweat at all.

Even worse is he’s Sir Xiachen’s father!


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  1. Why is this guy still trying to go after Bai Yan, that crown prince really thinks he can just say “I was tricked” and she’ll automatically fall in love with him!? What a moron.

  2. Elder Thunder-Even worse is he’s Sir Xiachen’s father!
    The moment the elder realized sh!t hit the fan
    Thanks for translating,this always brings a smile to a gloomy day

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