Overturning the Heavens chapter 277

Chapter 277 “High-Profile Bai House (2)”

“Brother.” In the end even after her hesitation and lip biting, Di Xiao Wan worked up her courage to say hello to Di Cang.

“What are you doing here?” The man’s brow instantly furrowed upon contact with that troublesome figure. His look was no different from someone just discovering some kind of filth that needs to be tossed away.

Now that did it. Di Xiao Wan became so aggrieved by that attitude that she nearly broke into a cry.

How can he look at me like that when I’ve been standing here for so long? And to make it seem like I’m something dirty too!

Is he even my brother? WAHHHH!!!!

“Since you are here then you stay behind to look after Xiachen. If anything happens to him then I’m going to make you pay.” With that said, the devilishly figure was already gone.

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He came quickly but was also gone quickly. However, the man had also left with Nangong Yi (crown prince) in toe so that’s one difference.

As for the fate of this once proud prince of the kingdom, who knows…. One thing was certain though, it can’t be good.

Aggrieved by how easily she was tossed aside, Di Xiao Wan starts moping to her nephew instead to get some comfort. Her lips biting her skirt like a wronged child: “My adorable Xiachen, how can your father be so horrible. At the very least I’m his sister who grew up with him. How can he not notice my existence until I went up to him…”

“Don’t be sad Auntie, I won’t be as bad as Baddie Father. I won’t ignore you okay?”

Seeing the girl’s pitiful appearance, Bai Xiachen was also afflicted inside. Pretending to be a small adult, he starts patting the girl on the head to sooth her sadness.

“Really?” Her eyes lit up, however, she quickly covered it up by continuing on with her act, “Then you have to give me a kiss kiss on the cheek.”

“Mother said men and women mustn’t do that….”

Wrinkling his lovely brow, Bai Xiachen was ready to refuse the proposal outright when he noticed the tears quickly building up in the girl’s eye. Helpless against that demeanor, he sighed and submitted, “That… I guess its fine if its just one kiss.”

He simply couldn’t bare to see his auntie be so sad. Therefore, he made it quick and gave the girl a small smooch on the cheek. Which had the side effect of causing that beautiful face to bloom like a flower.

“Auntie, are you better now?”

“Of course! As if he can make me sad?” Di Xiao Wan knocks her chin up high, “If it weren’t for you and Sister-in-law being here then I wouldn’t even bother to see him.”

This time it was baby boy’s turn to crack in his expression because he just realized he’s been scammed.

Did she just cheat me? I got fooled by this sweet dumbaclutz auntie of mine?!

“I want to see Mother….”

At least the very least Mother would never cheat me, and it’s always me who secretly lands a kiss on Mother….

“Wuoohh,” stretching out his neck towards the boy, the Glass Dragon issues out a low moping sound as a form of protest. That wagging tail was no different from a pleading dog asking for something.

I also want kiss kiss.

Likely understanding what the dragon meant, his expression immediately turned into an angry one: “Glass Dragon, you are so ugly and a male no less! I am not going to give you a kiss kiss.”

Humph, no kiss kiss then no kiss kiss. Retreating back to his original spot in grievance, the dragon then got the fine idea of turning his sight somewhere else, Fine then, I can go ask “Demon Queen” to kiss me instead afterwards.

“Glass Dragon, if you dare ask Mother to kiss you then my mother will kill you. Even if Mother doesn’t then my father will.”

The boy kindly gives this reminder, which directly causes the dragon to freeze there. Of the two mentioned individuals, neither one were people he wanted to infuriate. If he does, the dragon knows his little master there will be having roast dragon that very same night.


Shortly thereafter the end of the event, most of the people who came to witness the occasion had already left with the children being escorted by the royal guards for resting in the prepared rooms. However, there were still some who were both shocked and frightened among these individuals.

“So it was Bai Ruo who intentionally leaked the rumor out of Nangong Lin being the destined child. To think I believed it so earnestly all these years.”



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  1. thanks for chapter
    lmao..being scam by his own aunt..poor dragon, make sure not dragon bbq..haha..taste your own medicine prince nangong

    • The people will mock and avoid them like the plague and as for the King, he will likely pass down an Edict to lower their family’s standards or some other form of punishment. Executing nine-generations (with the exception of Xiachen, Bai Yan and her brother of course) could be on the cards too. I mean Bai Ruo did attempt to kill the queen and cause all this shit, no way is he letting her parents off.

      As for what Di Cang and Bai Yan will do to them… Well, they better hope the King gets them first otherwise its worse than death.

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