Overturning the Heavens chapter 278

Chapter 278 “High-Profile Bai House (3)”

“Bai Ruo really is hateful to the extreme. Not only did she steal Bai Yan’s position as the Crown Princess back then, she also had her son steal the prestige of being the destined child!” Such shamelessness, I really have to wonder where she gets the nerve to pull off such lies.”

“And to think the Bai House was still being so high-profile. After this matter gets out then they can forget about ever showing their faces to the public.”

Hearing all these whispering gossips about his family, Nangong Lin became helplessly weak as he stood there alone in the backyard of the palace.

His father and mother were taken away, meaning he’s alone now. And his grandfather the king was now practically ignoring him and wouldn’t even send the boy a glance.

A child raised into a cripple was no different from a useless garbage, that’s Nangong Lin right now.


Somewhere over at a tea house, Bai Xiao was currently enjoying a tea with his friend at the moment: “Wei Qing, how are you doing recently?”

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Sitting in front of him was the young man saved by the Dan pill he used back then.

Giving a faint smile, Wei Qing was frank in his reply: “My body is mostly recovered. I really have to thank you for last time, I never expected to meet you again back there.”

“You saved me back then years ago. If not for your help, I would’ve been dead already. That’s the least I can do.”

“Don’t say it like that, it’s no big deal for what I did back then. Please don’t take it to heart and think that way.” Wei Qing was reluctant drag Bai Xiao into his business, that’s why he’s downplaying his help.

Going up again the Medicine Sect was no laughing matter and he’s not so damnable to drag his friend down with him.

Seeing how Wei Qing wouldn’t tell him more, Bai Xiao knew better then to push it. However, he wanted to show his support nevertheless: “Wei Qing, the reasoning I saved you back there wasn’t just because of your help years ago, it’s because I treasure you as my friend. For a friend, I’m willing to go all the way regardless of the ordeal.”

“Thank you, brother,” tapping the boy on the shoulder, Wei Qing issues out a joyous laugh. “Its fine, I really don’t need your help for the time being. Oh yes, the Dan pill is from your sister right? I still haven’t had the chance to thank her personally yet.”

Because of his injuries, Wei Qing was never arranged to stay inside the old manor, hence the reason why he never got to meet Bai Yan.

Bang! It was then a forceful palm slammed down at the table in front of the two boys.

Wrinkling his brow, Bai Xiao looks up to see who these unwelcomed intruders were. It was Yu Rong and her entourage.

Like her daughter, Old Madam Yu was also showing disdain in her old face as if mocking the youngsters for their foolishness.

The only exception here was Bai Zheng Xiang that was standing emotionless on the sideline. His demeanor was like someone looking at a stranger and not his son.

“Bai Xiao, you must be surprised that you would have this day right?!” Snickering a laugh, Yu Rong starts rambling off on her own: “So what if your sister Bai Yan is strong? Now my grandson Lin has the backing of the Demon Beast Sect, we no longer need to fear the Flower Brothel!”

Angered by the remark, Wei Qing was ready to stand up for a fight when Bai Xiao stopped him with a tug.

“Scram!” Bai Xiao stares coldly at the snobbish group.

“You…” Yu Rong was screaming red in her face at the blatant disregard, This little shit still dare to speak out in this situation?

Chiming in at this moment, Old Madam Yu sure knows when to add salt to a wound: “Daughter, why are you bothering to speak with a dying man? Lin will soon become the disciple of the sect leader. When the time comes, these siblings will have nothing to say then.”

Getting better in her composure at the reminder, Yu Rong turns back to her gloating self: “That’s right. My grandson Lin is someone that is beyond the likes of you! When the time comes, I like to see if you will still dare disobey his orders.”

She pauses, letting her words sink in before continuing on with her rant: “Even Di Cang, that man will soon be Zhi’s husband.”

Although Zhi had been shaved bald on the head by that Di Xiao Wan and was even imprinted with a marking of “Bitch” on her forehead, but with the Demon Beast Sect’s order, how can they refuse?


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