Overturning the Heavens chapter 279

Chapter 279 “The Face slapping Sure is Loud”

“Bai Xiao, out of consideration that you are my son, I will only ask you this one time. Do you want to return to the family?”

Looking at the man’s expressionless face, the boy only had contempt left in his response: “Now that you’ve lost the bastard child in Yu Rong’s belly, you are turning back to me? What a shame. Aside from my sister Bai Yan, I have no other family members. Not you, and mostly certainly not these wretched people.”

“How dare you!” Bai Zheng Xiang’s was greatly irritated there, “Did you not hear what we’ve been telling you? Lin is about to become the little sect leader of the Demon Beast Sect. His status will be beyond what any one of us can be at. If you don’t return to us then you can forget about the benefits that is soon to be ours.”

Several days ago the man himself would still be hesitant to reveal this news to the public, after all, it’s not set in stones yet back then. However, this morning his daughter Bai Ruo had already informed him of this great news and was even summoned by the king for an audience. If his daughter was going to the palace then it can only mean good things.

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Towards the bold statement, the occupants of the tea house was now in an uproar.

These people may be commoners, but the name of the Demon Beast Sect was a behemoth that cannot be trifled with, especially for a small kingdom like this.

Nangong Lin is about to become the little sect leader of that power?

That’s no different from a chicken ascending into a phoenix, what a bombshell of a news!

“I, Bai Xiao, would rather wander in the wild with my sister Bai Yan than to stay in the Bai House.” Firm and steady in his voice, “Wherever she goes I go, I will never leave her in this lifetime!”

“Alright, good, I hope you won’t regret your decisions today.” Livid in his face, Bai Zheng Xiang no longer cares at this point. In his view, the boy will surely regret it in the future.

“Let’s go, we’re leaving.” Throwing these last few words behind, the man turns away to leave. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t make it very far before bumping into someone that he knew outside the tea house.

The other person was a middle-aged man with a sword like eyebrow and lip: “What a coincidence Lord Bai, what are you still doing here?

“General Lin Da?” Bai Zheng Xiang wasn’t so friendly in his reception. He and this general had always been at odds in the Court so how can he be good in his expression.

“What does it have to do with you about me being here? Shouldn’t you be at the palace right now?”

“The beast taming event is over so of course I would be leaving the palace.” General Lin Da’s smile was so full of mockery and ridicule that it’s too obvious.

“Beast taming? What beast taming?” Bai Zheng Xiang asks, confused by the strange statement.

Putting on a pretentious look of astonishment, General Lin Da was enjoying this so much: “The Demon Beast Sect had brought over a huge dragon today for the event. They wanted the children of the kingdom to participate in the taming event so they can verify who the destined child is.”

In no time at all, the gazes of everyone still inside the tea house had fallen onto the members of the Bai House.

Didn’t he say the Demon Beast Sect is here to take Nangong Lin into their ranks? Why did it turn into a beast taming event?

“Humph!” Unfazed by the news, Bai Zheng Xiang coldly replies, “My grandson will certainly succeed in taming the dragon. That’s undeniable.”

If Lin is unsuccessful then there’s no need to even mention the other children.

Now that did, General Lin Da could no longer keep up his charade and broke into a laughing fit. Tears of joy was leaking out of his sides because of that intense crackle.

“Lord Bai’s grandson is indeed amazing. He actually had the nerve to go up front to touch the dragon while the others would weep and cry just by getting close. Unfortunately though, the dragon only needed to issue out a roar to send your grandson scrambling back in tears like a mouse. HAHAHAHA!”


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    There is no pill for regret eh? This is going to be great when the rest of this sh*tty family finds out what happened. See how he’s going to beg at Bai Yan’s feet to forgive him and all that BS.

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