Overturning the Heavens chapter 281

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Chapter 281 “Lanyue’s Belonging”

“General Lin Da, I will take my leave now.” Bai Zheng Xiang couldn’t care for anything else anymore. Cupping his hand to signal his departure, he scampers away without so much as glancing at Old Madam Yu behind himself.

Stamping her feet at how her man would leave without helping, Yu Rong naturally wouldn’t be pleased. However, by the time she was ready to look for help around herself, the eyes coming her were none. The rest of the people here was blatantly pretending like they saw nothing.

“Unjust is doomed to destruction.” Coming before this pair of hateful creatures, Wei Qing gives a heavy grunt before following in Bai Xiao’s leaving shadow.


Tranquil and peaceful inside the palace, Bai Yan was currently waiting alone inside the old queen’s quarter while the dowager rummaged through one of her cabinets.

“Child, this is your mother’s. She left me with this so that I can one day pass it onto you when you’ve come to age.” What came into view from the queen’s hand was a dragon and phoenix embroidered satchel.

“My mother’s belonging?” Bai Yan was slightly stunned by this.

Taking it off the old granny’s hand, she didn’t wait and directly rummaged through the small package to bring out a piece of paper.

Based on how yellowish the sheet of paper was, it’s obvious the letter was written many years ago.

“My daughter Bai Yan:

When you see this letter I speculate I would no longer be a part of this world already. Perhaps you and your brother will hate me and blame me, but Mother… never regretted that decision. Otherwise, how could your brother be born?”

Upon reaching this point in her read, Bai Yan was seriously starting to doubt whether or not she’s really Lanyue’s daughter. How can a mother not mention her daughter at all?

Continuing her read.

“Mother knows, I don’t have many days left. Since the day Madam Yu entered the house, that woman had already poisoned me. Funny thing is by the time I realized this, your father will no longer believe in me.”


Her fingers inexplicably started to tremble because this just might be her chance to learn the truth!

“In the following context that I’m about to say is the truth. You may not be able to accept this, but you have the right to know. Bai Yan, my sweet dearest daughter, you are not my trueborn. Years ago I owed a friend of mine a great favor. Though brief in our encounter, what that woman did was something I can never repay. Sadly, by the time she appeared before me again after our short meeting, that person was already in a horrible state while carrying you in her embrace, the baby you.

She begged me to take care of you as my own daughter in her blood ridden state, so, I did. I originally wanted to introduce you as my foster daughter, but fate likes to play with us. In the same night I received you, my child, still in belly, was ready to come out. As you can guess, the baby ended up being a stillborn and I replaced the child with you, thus turning you into my biological daughter.

Your father isn’t aware of this. I feared he would treat you differently from the rest, so I kept this a secret even till my death.

Yan Yan, my sweet dearest daughter, when you leave the Bai House in the future, promise me not to change your maiden name. The Bai name is your biological mother’s surname so remember this.”

Bai Yan was shocked. It appears her foster mother Lanyue was more perceptible than she appears to be in the public. The woman predicted she would leave one day, and she predicted Bai Zheng Xiang wouldn’t be kind to her child….

“My precious daughter, although you are not my biological daughter, but love you and your brother equally the same. I truly didn’t want to leave you two. I’m sorry, I truly am. My only hope is for you to look after your grandparents. I owe them far too much and caused them far too much sorrow with my mistakes. Please, take care of yourself and live well.”


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